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Chiropractic Care for Neck and Back pain

March 3, 2016
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March 3, 2016
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March 3, 2016

Fox River Grove Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Welcome! Back pain can be a debilitating illness often occurring unexpectedly with age or as a result of various lifestyle changes like strenuous activities at work, sudden injuries, weight gain or a variety of other factors. It can leave a patient depressed and with a dependence on pain-killing medication just to function. Fortunately, expert chiropractors have dedicated their lives to correcting spinal-alignment issues that are often the root cause of such pain. Many patients who were expected to endure chronic pain have experienced immediate results after an appointment with a talented chiropractic care specialist.

What Will My Appointment Involve?

Like you would expect at any doctor appointment, you’ll first undergo diagnostics and a physical exam. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and the results of the exam and may employ the use of diagnostic imaging. After gathering all the necessary information your doctor will decide if treatment is appropriate or not.

The overall treatment plan will likely involve a combination of chiropractic therapeutic techniques as well as long-term beneficial recommendations such as exercise, rehabilitation, change of habits to prevent further injury, as well as dietary changes. The treatment itself will involve the manual adjustment of your joints to improve the spinal structure, the range and quality of motion, and to restore overall function.

"I tried chiropractic because of back injuries. I was in so much pain that I could not sit down without pain up and down my back and neck. Chiropractic made a big change in my life. I can move how I want, more crying when I sit or get up. I feel so much better now that words can't explain. I now come not for pain, but for health."

-Joan L.


Chiropractic Care for Back Pain: Understanding Your Diagnosis

During your diagnostics and exam it’s important for your chiropractor to determine the type of Back Pain you are experiencing. The most common incidences of Back Pain are acute conditions—these are injuries or pulls typically with a corresponding physical trigger. As an example, a person may develop acute Back Pain after lifting heavy furniture, playing sports, or suffering a sudden injury.

Acute Back Pain typically gets better on its own, but the process may take weeks. Chiropractic care is often an easy solution for speeding up the recovery process or potentially fixing the acute pain immediately.

Rarer than acute conditions are chronic incidences of Back Pain. These are caused by long-term conditions versus recoverable injuries. There are many causes of chronic Back Pain that can be diagnosed by your healthcare professional. Your chiropractic specialist can potentially assist with many types of chronic conditions; however, there are some cases when chiropractic care should not be pursued.

If you’re experiencing chronic neck or Back Pain as a result of osteoporosis, spinal cord compression, inflammatory arthritis, or if you are taking particular medications (blood thinners), you should not undergo spinal manipulation. Other factors include conditions like cancer, extensive surgeries, or particular physical conditions like herniated or slipped discs. In all these instances there are cases when chiropractic techniques may cause unfavorable results (although it’s typically rare). Therefore, it’s important to undergo diagnostics and have a clear understanding of what the condition is before pursuing treatment.

"I had a lot of lower back pain. It used to keep me from sleeping at night, but now I don't have pain at all."

-Faye V.


Better Understanding Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Our clinic takes pride in helping the residents of Fox River Grove with neck pain related issues. Along with Back Pain, neck-related pains are very common and may occur in acute or chronic varieties. Intense neck pain can result in near immobility as the pain reduces the function of the head, arms and shoulders. Long-term untreated immobility can result in muscular degeneration.

As with Back Pain, the root cause is sometimes related to spinal structural issues leading to an overall nerve-related syndrome. For instance, inflammation or pressure on a nerve-root that’s exiting the spine could cause neck pain that radiates outward into the shoulder or upper back. Sometimes these disorders even create pain in unusually distant parts of the body, such as pain that radiates into the foot and leg (e.g.: sciatic nerve pain). Understand that the nervous-system branches out through the spine and connects to every other part of the body.

Neck Pain Causes

The patients we treat for neck pain in Fox River Grove often report pains caused by common factors like: Repetitive stress (from exercise or work-related tasks), pain after muscle strains and pulls, and joint issues or bone structure abnormalities. We may also determine causes related to sleeping position and posture, or causes as simple as simple as prolonged sitting in an office chair.

The reason many of these disorders occur from causes like posture has to do with the small size of the neck vertebrae. The neck is particularly vulnerable, and when it goes into a spasm, the spine is pulled out of alignment. A misaligned spine causes irritation, tension, and pain in various parts of the body connected to the nervous-system.

"Before I was adjusted, I couldn't turn m,y head to the left. From the first adjustment I could turn to the side and everything felt so much better."

-Chantal L.


Problems of Not Seeking Treatment

While acute disorders of the neck or back may clear up normally, they won’t go away if the problematic motion is being repeated without the patient knowing about it. For instance, if poor sitting posture is putting pressure on the neck and causing spinal misalignment (and a host of associated problems), a lack of knowledge of this fact could worsen the condition until the patient is finally left completely immobilized. At our clinic we stress the importance of determining the factors of your disorder right away.

Expanding Holistic Treatments

Muscle tightness and nervous issues can also be addressed through skilled massage therapists or acupuncturists. These treatments may be administered in conjunction with chiropractic care to achieve maximal results in treating the causative factors rather than the symptoms. We suggest maintaining overall muscular and spinal-structural health versus relying on over-the-counter medications and prescriptions that moderate symptoms while ignoring the physical components.

Beyond Neck Pain and Back Pain: Other Types of Chiropractic Care

At our Fox River Grove chiropractor clinic, we like to emphasize how spinal manipulation techniques provide relief and cures for more conditions than just neck or back disorders. Osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches / migraines, carpal tunnel and various muscular or nervous disorders have been shown to respond to chiropractic techniques. Schedule an appointment today to begin learning about the scope of chiropractic care available to you.